About Us

WellSet is about to change how the world accesses preventative health. For good.

Our bigger why


Wellness should be accessible for everyone, not just the 1%.

We’re bringing wellness online because practitioners deserve better tools, members deserve better service, and everyone deserves to know and easily access their health and wellness options.


Healthcare should be founded in empowerment and trust

WellSet Select practitioners are experts trained in specialties that complement western medicine and how you already care for yourself. We vet Select practitioners so you know who you’re booking with.


Preventative healthcare is broken in the United States

99% of money spent on healthcare in the USA is spent on preventable conditions. We believe that an optimal wellness approach is both holistic and scientific, yet it is hard to know where to start without the right guides.

Our Executive Team

Tegan Bukowski

Co-Founder, CEO

Architect, designer, #girlcoder, social impact entrepreneur. Tegan was the mentee of architect Zaha Hadid, started a non-profit that operated in 8 different countries during college and was the founder at SereneBook. She is also a meditation and yoga guide who has taught mindfulness around the world.

She started WellSet because of her own chronic health journey.

Sky Meltzer

Co-Founder, Executive Chairman

Former CEO of Manduka, Board Member at YogaWorks and Pear Sports, consumer wellness investor

Hanna Headshot

Hanna Madrigan

COO and Head of Growth

Founding partnerships team at  Pinterest, former private equity investor, clean beauty aficionado 

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