About Us

WellSet is changing how the world accesses preventative health. For good.


Our mission is to increase access to preventative healthcare and wellness, for everyone.

We believe that:


Wellness should be accessible for everyone, not just the 1%.

We’re bringing wellness online because practitioners deserve better tools, members deserve better service, and everyone deserves to know and easily access their health and wellness options.


Healthcare should be founded in empowerment and trust

WellSet Select practitioners are experts trained in specialties that complement western medicine and how you already care for yourself. We vet Select practitioners so you know who you’re booking with.


Preventative healthcare is broken in the United States

99% of money spent on healthcare in the USA is spent on preventable conditions. We believe that an optimal wellness approach is both holistic and scientific, yet it is hard to know where to start without the right guides.

Our Team

This company isn’t about us.

It’s about you. Your health. Your journey. Your practice.

We are just here to facilitate.

Want to talk to us?

In case you want to contact us, you can reach out to us at hello@wellset.co or say hello in the chat in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. We are there!


We are always looking to expand our team when the right unicorn comes along.

Currently we are actively hiring:

Los Angeles Office:
Head of Technology
Content Marketing Specialist
Customer Experience Experts
Summer Interns

Our backgrounds and leadership

We co-founded WellSet because we experienced unsupported personal health journeys and knew there needed to be a better way to find the right practitioner.

We are highly trained practitioners ourselves and also have built big brands in the wellness industry. Sky Meltzer (Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Stanford) built Manduka and is a Yoga instructor, Tegan Bukowski (Co-Founder and CEO, Yale) was a successful architect and social impact entrepreneur, has been coding since childhood and started SereneBook and is a yoga and meditation instructor.

We have a quickly growing team in the Arts District in Los Angeles. Drop us a line or come to one of our events to meet the team!

Are you ready to join us?