40% of employees don't believe their employers care about their mental wellbeing.

But we know you do.

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Burnout is High

The effects of COVID-19 have been hard on everyone and 40% of employees have reported feeling burnout in the last year.

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Productivity is Decreasing

An unwell workforce is bad for business. Last year, on average 217 million working days are lost every year due to mental health issues.

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Turnover is Increasing

Stressed-out employees are more likely to leave, driving turnover. In fact, last year 38% of employees reported that work stresses them out so much they're considering a career change.



Relationships are Strained

You care about your employees, but do they know that? 40% of people believe that their employers aren't concerned about their mental health at all.

We're here to help you help your humans.

Group Classes

Make wellness accessible

Our pathways-based programming helps your employees reach their health goals.

With unlimited virtual group classes and access to an extensive network of practitioners, your employees will be able to access a complete range of services: movement, mindfulness, nutrition, therapy and more.

1:1 sessions

Lower the cost of care

We've designed WellSet with preventative and chronic care in mind

Providing benefits through a self-insured account means that you bear the brunt of covering the cost of employee conditions and diseases. We've partnered with health insurance companies to design low-cost programming to target these conditions and improve the health and wellness of your employee base.

What's included in our offering

Wellness Pathways

With a WellSet membership, your employees will get access to WellSet Pathways, condition-centric programs designed to care for the whole person and target their needs.

  • Unlimited live classes in 30+ specialties
  • Robust content library
  • Article-based education portal
  • Discounts on individual sessions

Benefits Support

We're here to support the benefits team, too. We minimize the stress of management by integrating with your health insurance administrator and providing robust reporting.

  • Monthly utilization and employee-patient reported outcomes
  • Custom marketing materials
  • Custom, co-branded Paths
  • Integration with your insurance provider

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