75% of what you're spending on American healthcare is preventable.  Let's change that. 

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Mental Health is Declining

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we've seen a sharp increase in mental health issues. Now, over 40% of American adults report suffering from symptoms of anxiety.


Employers are Impacted

The CDC estimates that depression alone can be costing employers up to $44 billion annually in disability, absenteeism, and productivity loss.


Costs Get Compounded

Poor mental health can make everyday healthcare more costly. A patient with anxiety is 74% more expensive than one without. And one with comorbid with depression is 104% more expensive.


Employers Crave Solutions

In a recent McKinsey & Co study, 50% of employers indicated that mental health is a top organizational priority, and 70% reported a plan to invest in more resources this year.

WellSet is here to help.

Group Classes

Make wellness accessible

Our pathways-based programming helps people reach their wellness goals.

With unlimited group classes and access to an extensive network of practitioners, your employees will be able to access a complete range of services: movement, nutrition, mindfulness, therapy and more.

1:1 sessions

Our integration is simple

We've designed WellSet to be a natural
extension of your services.

Working with us should also be good for your wellbeing. We designed our Paths programs alongside health insurance companies to ensure our offering is an easy add-on to any self-insured account. 

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