What is a Dietitian


Everything you need to know about working with a Dietitian

Ever wondered “What is a Dietitian?” or “How can a Dietitian help me?” or even “How can I find a Dietitian near me?” Look no further! This Getting Started Guide is a great place to start.

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Our bodies are our temples, so why aren’t we better about choosing what goes into them?

Dietitians can help re-evaluate current diet choices, provide education on food categories and guide you towards nourishing foods. They can also assist in food preparation and design individual programs to keep clients accountable and excited about their new experience with food. Whether you are looking to spruce up your eating habits, recover from an illness more quickly, or address chronic concerns, a dietitian can help you figure out how to nourish yourself! If this sounds like you, it might be time to find a dietitian.

Nutritionists and Dietitians are here to improve our relationship with food. This goes beyond just the ingredient list, including our emotional ties to certain foods and our behaviors around eating. Nutritionists not only educate us on the nutritional value of foods, but help us understand our relationship with our bodies. Both certified nutritionists and dietitians fall under the category of Nutrition Coach on WellSet, but have different training. Both are not here to judge past choices, but carve a path to keep our bodies healthy and optimally functioning.

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Jocelyn Dubin - Dietitian
Carrie Gabrie- Dietitian
Ella Davar  - Dietitian
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How we eat affects the leading cause of disease in the United States

As much as we want to ignore it, the United States has a serious deficit in nutrition education. We lead the world in high obesity rates, a disease which directly catalyses cardiovascular (heart) disease, diabetes (1&2), IBS, and other chronic illnesses. Maintaining a healthy weight is extremely important to overall health. The prevalence of obesity in the USA was 42.4% in 2017-2018 according to the HCHS data brief. 

Dietitians are here to help combat this growing epidemic, working individually with clients to find a balanced diet that will improve their overall health.  Most people in the USA need to find a dietitian to help them reach their health goals!

Healthy eating habits can also contribute to better sleep, combating depression, and contributes to overall health. Additionally, many chronic conditions can be managed with healthy eating, and an anti-inflammatory diet has been proven to reduce the symptoms of many auto-immune conditions. Learn how to eat in a way that serves you – your body will thank you!

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What our expert practitioners have to say


Delilah Bisase

Delilah Bisase Dietitian

WellSet: How do REGISTERED Dietitians help heal the body?

BISASE: Diet is so central to how our body functions. RDs in different settings affect healing in different ways. RDs in the hospital deal with more acute conditions (ex: surgery recovery), while RDs in the community help with long term conditions (ex: managing diabetes).

WellSet: What can a client typically expect in a session?

BISASE: The first session typically includes a good chunk of education in addition to learning about you. We’ll discuss what are some perceived obstacles, and work together to make goals to overcome them. The follow up sessions will be to check in on those goals and adjust them as needed. Nutrition counseling is very change focused. So after a session we hope you are ready to implement the positive changes that were just discussed.

Maura Rodgers

Maura Rodgers Dietitian

WellSet: How did you first find come across your modality and what makes it unique?

RODGERS: I was fortunate to grow up in a very healthy household and when I entered college, I began to reflect on how critical a healthy, nutritious lifestyle was to my entire well-being. At the same time, I began to research the statistics and severity relating to obesity and poor health status which millions of Americans suffer with today. I learned many of these chronic diseases and barriers to living a healthy lifestyle can be prevented and managed through nutrition and lifestyle modifications. I decided at that point I wanted to commit my career to empowering, educating and supporting individuals and communities around me to live the healthiest, most vibrant life possible through nutrition counseling and behavioral change – and I’ve been on a mission to do just that ever since!

WellSet: What do you love most about being a Dietitian?

RODGERS: Witnessing clients’ well-being, energy levels and health transformations have brought me to tears, which inspires me to continue reaching as many individuals as possible. When we have the accountability and support to make healthy living and nutritious eating a pillar of our lives- despite our busy work schedules or personal responsibilities – this is where the magic happens! 

Health conditions that Dietitians can help ease:

Gut Health Weight IBS Chronic Indigestion Gastritis Hormone Imbalance Inflammation IBD