What is a Holistic Chef


Everything you need to know about Holistic Chefs and Meal Prep Coaches

Ever wondered “What is a Holistic Chef?” or “How can a Holistic Chef help me?” or even “Should I find a Meal Prep Coach?” Look no further! This Getting Started Guide is a great place to start.

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Happy gut, happy life. At WellSet, we believe it’s about thyme we take cooking with nourishing foods seriously. Seriously.

So do our Holistic Chefs. Holistic Chefs provide individual or group nutrition counseling and food preparation guidance so that you can learn to cook nourishing foods for yourself from home and learn how to buy healthy and delicious options for yourself.

Holistic Chefs aid clients on selection, preparation and education of foods that properly fuel the body and help to heal health concerns. These foods are most likely to be unprocessed, low in sugar, and depending on your specific health concerns the practitioner may help you create meals that eliminate inflammatory foods such as gluten or dairy. Holistic Chefs can help evaluate current nutrition and lifestyle choices, provide guided grocery shopping sessions, teach cooking skills to accommodate certain recipes and help clients prepare individualized meal plans catered to their health goals. 

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What and how we eat is the leading cause of preventable disease in the United States.

One person dies every 37 seconds from heart disease.

According to the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of death for men, women and people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States. There are a number of things that cause heart disease including excess alcohol usage, low physical activity, and smoking. However, having bad eating habits is thought to be the leading cause of this preventable disease. You are what you eat, so don’t be a french fry!

Healthy eating habits can also contribute to better sleep, combating depression, and contributes to overall health. Maintaining a healthy weight is extremely important to overall health. The prevalence of obesity in the USA was 42.4% in 2017-2018 according to the HCHS data brief.

Additionally, many chronic conditions can be managed with healthy eating, and an anti-inflammatory diet has been proven to reduce the symptoms of many auto-immune conditions. Learn how to eat in a way that serves you – your body will thank you!

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What our practitioner experts have to say


Amber Maron

WELLSET: What can a client typically expect in a session?

MARON: We will address their personal diet and lifestyle including sleep, movement, and routines. Based on each person’s goals and challenges, we’ll create a plan to support their health with realistic shifts toward healthier habits, including meal plans, recipes, and lifestyle strategies for long lasting changes.

WELLSET: How can you expect to feel after a session?

MARON: My goal is to educate and motivate, so that each client feels empowered to make changes in their own life. After each session clients will have specific steps to start incorporating into their daily life, and the knowledge to know why they are doing it.

WELLSET: How did you first find come across holistic practices around food?

MARON: I became a vegetarian at 12 years old, and have been thinking about food ever since. Years ago I developed eczema, and the doctors simply prescribed steroid cream to use indefinitely. I decided to address the root cause, and heal from the inside out. Anytime I have symptoms, I know that I can take care of it with diet and supplements. Symptoms are a signal that the body is out of balance, and the majority of the time, we can use food to re-establish that balance. Food is medicine, and the most powerful tool we have to take care of ourselves.

Health conditions Holistic Chefs can address with you include:

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