What is a Nutrition Coach


Everything you need to know about Nutritionists and Nutrition Coaches

Ever wondered “What is a Nutrition Coach?” or “How can a Nutritionist help me?” or even “How can I find a Nutritionist near me?” Look no further! This Getting Started Guide is a great place to start.

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Our bodies are our temples, so why aren’t we better about choosing what goes into them?

Nutrition coaches can help re-evaluate current diet choices, provide education on food categories and guide you towards nourishing foods. They can also assist in food preparation and design individual programs to keep clients accountable and excited about their new experience with food. Whether you are looking to spruce up your eating habits, recover from an illness more quickly, or address chronic concerns, nutritionists can help you figure out how to nourish yourself!

Nutritionists and Dieticians are here to improve our relationship with food. This goes beyond just the ingredient list, including our emotional ties to certain foods and our behaviors around eating. Nutritionists not only educate us on the nutritional value of foods, but help us understand our relationship with our bodies. Both certified nutritionists and dietitians fall under the category of Nutrition Coach on WellSet, but have different training. Both are not here to judge past choices, but carve a path to keep our bodies healthy and optimally functioning.

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Elissa Goodman -nutrition coach
Carlyn Rosenblum -nutrition coach
Katie Reske - nutrition coach
Ivette Obregon-  nutrition coach


The USA has a nationwide food choice problem that we need to talk about.

As much as we want to ignore it, the United States has a serious deficit in nutrition education. We lead the world in high obesity rates, a disease which directly catalyses cardiovascular (heart) disease, diabetes (1&2), IBS, and other chronic illnesses. Maintaining a healthy weight is extremely important to overall health. The prevalence of obesity in the USA was 42.4% in 2017-2018 according to the HCHS data brief.

Nutritionists are here to help combat this growing epidemic, working individually with clients to find a balanced diet that will improve their overall health. 

Healthy eating habits can also contribute to better sleep, combating depression, and contributes to overall health. Additionally, many chronic conditions can be managed with healthy eating, and an anti-inflammatory diet has been proven to reduce the symptoms of many auto-immune conditions. Learn how to eat in a way that serves you – your body will thank you!

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Nimisha Gandhi - Nutrition Coach

WellSet: How can holistic nutrition help heal the body and mind?

GANDHI: A holistic nutritionist views the mind, body, and soul as a whole. The mind influences the body, but the body influences our total well-being also. Health is the balanced and dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit. By working on the essential pillars of health such as nourishment, movement, sleep, and mindfulness we can heal. Holistic nutrition and lifestyle changes are the foundation of deep healing.

WELLSET: What can a client typically expect in a session with a Nutrition Coach?

GANDHI: A nutrition coach typically looks at the health history and a food diary to address the root cause of ailments. A nutrition coach will create a tailored meal plan based on the health goals and hearing what the client is truly sayingad about their physical and mental wellbeing. My practice draws on deep inner inquiry, food as medicine, meditation, sleep, rituals, lab work, and movement. With guidance, clients can connect with their inner healer.


Christina Tidwell - Nutrition Coach

WellSet: What can a client typically expect in a session with a Nutrition Coach?

TIDWELL: A health and nutrition coaching session is 60 minutes to work ON your life instead of being reactive IN your life which is a beautiful respite. Clients will typically fill out a brief intake form with their top health concerns and goals, and will be guided through coaching to understand the blocks that have been standing in the way towards desired outcomes. Together you and the coach will come up with an action plan tailored specifically for you to help address your needs and you will leave with clear action steps to follow to achieve your desired outcomes. You will receive guidance around nutrition, meal planning, digestive health, stress management, mindset and more.

WELLSET: What do you love most about being a Nutrition Coaching?

TIDWELL: I came to this work after being a RN in the hospital for 9 years and I’m grateful for the opportunity to support clients in this way every day. It’s my passion and purpose. I love being able to help clients understand the root causes of imbalance in the body rather than simply putting a band-aid on things, and teaching people the tools they need to care for themselves deeply for the rest of their life!


Lauren Cortinas - Nutrition Coach

WellSet: How can clients expect to feel after working with a Nutrition Coach over a period of time?

CORTINAS: Through working with a nutrition coach, a client can expect to discover which foods and lifestyle practices are best for their body, overcome their limiting beliefs, and ultimately become happier, healthier, and more self-aware.

WellSet: What do you love most about being a Nutrition Coach?

CORTINAS: I love guiding and supporting my clients through their transformations. Helping someone work through their challenges and blocks is so rewarding. Witnessing them discover which foods work best is exciting. I love seeing my clients happy and healthy.

Conditions that a Nutrition Coach can help ease:

Allergies, Leaky Gut, Weight, IBS, Gastritis, Chronic Indigestion, Meal Guidance, Gut Health