How can I use the WellSet PRO community tools?

The most unique part of WellSet is that you are able to join a community of over 4,000 vetted, incredible healers who are also growing, nourishing, and building their businesses.

The WellSet PRO membership includes unique community connection and learning opportunities such as:

  1. Join our free practitioner events run by WellSet faculty and advisory board members in our Event Studio here
  2. Join a growing community of wellness practitioners with monthly Adaptogen happy hours, community hikes, and more! We host monthly practitioner Adaptogen happy hours to facilitate connections across the country with our incredible WellSet family. You can scroll through the upcoming events and find the next upcoming Practitioner Happy Hour + Q&A here.
  3. Join Heal the Healer events: regularly scheduled with our advisor board and PRO practitioners from our community. Book an upcoming live event here.
  4. Pathways (COMING SOON): We've created Pathways as a way to bring your unique offerings together with other practitioners who compliment your expertise to serve a common health condition. We believe in collaboration as a lever to reach more people who need help in their healing journey.

We are constantly adding new tools to the PRO toolkit based on feedback from our PRO community - have an idea? Interested in being a WellSet community builder with us? Send us a note at!