How can I use WellSet PRO business tools?

The WellSet PRO membership includes everything you need to run your business on WellSet, without needing to use other third-party tools.

The business tools for PRO members include:

  1. Professional & Personally Branded Payment Tools
  2. Cancellation Protection
  3. Appointment Reminders
  4. Free 15-Minute Discovery Calls for New Clients
  5. Group Booking Functionality
  6. Analytics to Understand Your Business
  1. Professional & Personally Branded Payment tools: Since PRO removes all transaction and referral fees (other than a 2.9% credit card fee which goes directly to our payment processor) you can use our technology to replace all other payment technologies and apps. This means you can replace other transaction platforms (e.g., Venmo, PayPal, Square) that we’ve learned from our consumer research can come across as “unprofessional."
  2. Cancellation Protection: We offer full cancellation protection for all sessions. This means that if someone cancels with you at the last minute or is a no-show, your time is protected, and the client still pay for your time. The goal is not to penalize your clients, but to keep them accountable in the first place!
  3. Appointment Reminders: Never miss an appointment again. With WellSet appointment reminders you and your client will receive a reminder one hour before your scheduled appointment with all the appointment details
  4. Free 15-Minute Discovery Calls for New Clients: PRO practitioners are also able to offer free 15-minute discovery calls for new clients. Discovery sessions allow clients AND practitioners to find out if they are a “good fit” for one another.
  5. Group Booking Functionality: We have found that after group sessions a large amount of attendees book a 1:1 follow up with the practitioner! They get support and you earn more revenue—it’s a 1:1 win-win.
  6. Analytics to understand your business: Within your WellSet dashboard, you’ll be able to see your earnings, bookings, and more information and trends about your business on WellSet

We are constantly adding new tools to the PRO toolkit based on feedback from our PRO community - have an idea? Think of something else that would accelerate your business? Send us a note at!