How can I use WellSet PRO marketing tools?

The WellSet PRO membership includes tools to market your practice to your existing audience, as well as to the WellSet audience. The marketing tools for PRO members include:

  1. SELECT status verification
  2. Host group classes to get discovered by more clients
  3. Verified reviews to boost position in search results
  4. Free new client 15-minute discovery calls
  5. Introductions to the WellSet Instagram audience
  1. Add-On SELECT status verification to your profile: You can also choose to opt-in to being a WellSet SELECT practitioner. SELECT practitioners have a blue checkmark next to their name and show up first in search results. To become Select, you must complete a positive background check and have your references and credentials verified by our team. To be a Select practitioner costs $25/year. You can opt into this on your dashboard.
  2. Group Classes on WellSet! Host one-off or recurring group classes. Group classes are an excellent way to build an audience AND to build trust with your existing audience. We have found that group classes have a conversion rate to 1:1 bookings.
  3. Get Verified Reviews on your Profile to boost position in the search results: We have found that practitioners who don’t have reviews rarely get booked. To seed your profile ask your existing clients to leave you a glowing review after their session with you. 
  4. Free 15-minute discovery calls for new clients: Make sure you list a free 15-minute discovery session on your profile. Discovery sessions allow clients AND practitioners to find out if they are a “good fit” for one another other.
  5. Introduce your practice to our audience on WellSet’s social media. Once you’ve decided to go PRO you will have the option to record a brief video introducing yourself and your practice. Make this video around 30 seconds long and either post it to your social media or email it to In this video, please mention your name, modality, and the sessions you have on WellSet. We will share this video to our Instagram, and it will live in our Highlight reel section under your modality. Please tag us @wellsetco whenever you are sharing your WellSet practice. We often repost stories to our IG when practitioners tag us, and it is related back to their practice.

We are constantly adding new tools to the PRO toolkit based on feedback from our PRO community - have an idea? Think of something else that would accelerate your marketing efforts? Send us a note at!