How do I make my profile and my sessions more interesting to members and potential new clients?

When clients browse the marketplace, they will look for sessions that clearly address what they are uniquely experiencing.

We recommend the following to make your sessions more interesting to members:

  1. Add a free 15 min discovery session. If you are a PRO practitioner, make sure you list a free discovery session on your profile. Discovery sessions allow clients AND practitioners to find out if they are a good fit for one another other.
  2. Get more ratings! You can have your existing clients book you through your WellSet practitioner profile to capture all their beautiful feedback in one place. 
  3. Make your session titles clear and captivating! Instead of labeling a session “Consultation”, try something more expressive like, “Acupuncture for Better Sleep” or “Nutrition Consultation to Improve Gut Health”.
  4. Give clients options. We recommend adding at least 3-4 sessions to show the diversity of your practice. We recommend one session that is general and 3-4 sessions that are more specialized.
  5. Add thoughtful session descriptions. Session descriptions are your space to share what clients can expect from a typical session with you. We encourage you to include what conditions will be addressed, the structure of the session and how clients can expect to feel after the session.