How do I upgrade my account from basic to PRO?

Upgrade your account to PRO in your dashboard.

As a basic member we charge a $40 one-time new client referral fee, then a 10% referral fee thereafter. To remove the referral fees you can upgrade from WellSet Basic to WellSet PRO.

Upgrading your account is easy - just head to the left side of your practitioner dashboard and under [Account] click [Settings]. Then under 'Membership Plan' click [Upgrade Plan]. At this stage you can also add on our Select status for an additional background check - which clients LOVE!

Once you have upgraded you’ll receive an email from a real human on our team with more information and to offer to connect so you make the most of your PRO membership.

The PRO membership is $20 per month and this removes all of the WellSet referral fees. As a PRO member, you also get access to business tools, marketing tools and community tools to help you build and grow your practice. This means WellSet can be your primary business solution.