How do I use WellSet to find more clients for 1:1 bookings?

You must have great reviews and a great profile! Free consults help too:-)

WellSet is a set of tools and a community that is here to facilitate connections and help you accelerate your business. Our goal is to give you a platform to showcase your best self (which leads to bookings!) and to help give you exposure nationwide.

Here is an analogy we sometimes share: Imagine you had a product you were selling on Amazon. Amazon provides the infrastructure and tools for you to sell your product, but it does not sell your product for you. You must have great reviews, a compelling profile, and represent the product in the best light possible in order for clients to purchase.

We are not a lead generation platform, but our software and our tools can help you get new clients by representing your practice in the best way possible to your existing clients and to new clients. The best way to get more 1:1 bookings on WellSet is to have a complete and robust profile, have reviews, and host events to help clients understand your offerings. If you are a PRO member you can take advantage of free 15 minute new client discovery sessions, all of which increases 1:1 bookings.