How does my membership work?

When you join WellSet, you'll get immediate access to live and on-demand classes in mindfulness, movement, and holistic education.


Log in here anytime you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or in need of a boost. We all deserve support—including you. 


Choose from a daily lineup of expert-led live classes for self-care at your fingertips. 

Browse the weekly live class lineup and add what you like to your schedule. It's the perfect way to schedule your self-care time in advance.


Take classes anytime you need support in our on-demand library. You can search by class type, like breathwork or hypnosis, or hot topics like anxiety or sleep.


Love a class? 'Heart' it so you can revisit it again and again when you have time. You know what you need most! 


WellSet Instructors are not only experts in their fields, but welcoming and supportive day-makers who make classes feel like a virtual hug.