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What are movement classes?

Get your body moving, release physical and mental tension, balance your energy, and get the endorphins flowing.




An ancient practice originating in India, Yoga combines physical postures with breath and meditation. All of WellSet's Yoga classes are gentle and therapeutic. Benefits include easing physical pain, improving strength and balance, relieving stress, and managing symptoms related to chronic disease

Myofascial Release 

Proper body alignment starts with the fascia. Injuries, stress, poor posture, and poor flexibility can pull cause our connective tissues in the body to become dense and tight. Through the use of a foam roller or therapy ball, Myofascial release lubricates the joints and reduces inflammation by breaking up density that builds up in the connective tissues. 


Stretching & Posture

Stretching and posture classes improve spinal, muscular, and joint alignment. Benefits include reducing back and neck pain, protecting against injury, increasing energy, and improving blood flow, breathing, and range of motion.

Acupressure & Gua Sha

Acupressure and Gua Sha are ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices that move energy throughout the body by applying manual pressure to various points on the body and face. Benefits may include relieving tension and headaches, reducing pain, nausea, sleep issues and anxiety.