What happens when I receive a 1:1 booking request?

I have a booking request...what is next?

When a current client or new client books with you on WellSet, you will receive an email notification to the email you used to set up your profile. The email will direct you to log-into your practitioner account to approve the request, or if needed, to propose an alternate time. Once you’ve approved the session, you can use your WellSet inbox and the chat feature to connect with clients and send paperwork, attachments, or just simply a note about what they might need to do to prepare for the session. After you’ve completed the session, you’ll be paid out via Stripe.

We offer full cancellation protection for all sessions. This means that if someone cancels with you at the last minute or is a no-show, your time is protected and the client still must pay for your time. The goal is not to penalize your clients, but to keep them accountable in the first place!