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01 5+ daily live classes

02 1000+ on-demand classes

03 20+ different holistic modalities

04 30 curated instructors


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Functional Medicine

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Functional Medicine

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What you get with membership:


Unlimited access to thousands of classes


Interact with instructors in daily live classes


Educational self-care resources & guides


of people feel better after class. We like those odds for you.

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20+ holistic modalities.

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Of WellSet class attendees feel less anxious and more calm after class.

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    What Members Have To Say

    "I took my first class on WellSet yesterday and absolutely loved it! I did a 10 minute meditation in Spanish and guided journaling after working and it truly reset my mind for the rest of the evening. Really excited to use this in my daily routine."

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    What Members Have To Say

    "I just had an EFT/tapping session with Amy! I really loved it. I'm super excited to try more types of classes. Also, I am fairly challenged when it comes to navigating websites, etc. and I had no trouble AT ALL signing up and finding exactly what I wanted, easy, no stress."

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    What Members Have To Say

    "As someone who actually teaches some of these modalities, it can be incredibly challenging to also be a student (which is a must!) so this makes it wonderfully accessible and is a great resource. Thank you!"

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    What Members Have To Say

    "I just love that Wellset has these offerings. This platform has most definitely been a help for my mental health."

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    What Members Have To Say

    "Wonderful classes.  I feel so much better.  More relaxed and as if a weight has been removed from my body and mind.  Thank you, WellSet."

The whole world of wellbeing in one affordable place, finally.

We started WellSet because we believe that holistic wellbeing support shouldn't be expensive or hard to access.  Get access to classes like acupressure, EFT/Tapping, hypnotherapy, and more, all for one low monthly membership price.

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Functional Medicine

Best-In-Class Expert Instructors

Meet a couple of our curated instructor team members.

Shanila Sattar WellSet Instructor

Shanila Sattar

Sound and Meditation Teacher

A fourth-generation healer, Shanila shares breathwork techniques that give students practical tools that can be used on a daily basis. You'll leave her classes in flow, aligned and at ease with your breath.

Anjali Deva WellSet Instructor

Anjali Deva

Ayurvedic Instructor

Influenced by food as medicine, daily and seasonal routines, herbalism, Buddhist philosophy, self-compassion, and breath-based practices, Anjali's approach to Ayurveda is gentle and holistic.


Natalie Valle

Meditation Instructor (Spanish & English)

Natalie helps individuals find inner peace and harmony. Through guided mindfulness practices, she holds space for students to access deeper states of meditation and energy alignment.



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