We're on a mission to help you feel better

We think that well-being should be inclusive, accessible, trustworthy and science-backed. And we think it should be available to you when you need it most. 

We built WellSet to empower others who are also on a journey to whole-being health with an experience designed to be restorative, intuitive and affordable.

Holistic health goes beyond the physical body to consider how our thoughts, emotions, and even our sense of purpose collectively impact our wellbeing. It’s a state of internal balance that reflects the interactions we have with our environments–from our inner thoughts and beliefs, to the foods we eat, the way we move, and our social relationships.

With the launch of WellSet, we are moving into a brand new paradigm of holistic wellcare. 

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Our goal is to help millions feel balanced, resilient, and supported. 

The WellSet team is on a mission to improve access to mind-body-emotional health. We have a four-year goal to help 50 million people on a path to feeling better in their everyday life. Are you ready to join us? 


Meet Our Team

tegan white

Tegan Bukowski

Co-Founder and CEO

Sky+Meltzer white

Sky Meltzer

Executive Chairman

katie white

Katie Lodge


david_ white

David Schreck


elizabeth _white

Elizabeth Kendig

Head of Content

katie w white

Katie Wadsworth

Head of Product

rosie _ white bg

Rosa Meyer

Head of Digital Studio

paula white

Paula Cordoba

Marketing Manager

Join the WellSet Team

We would love to hear what wellbeing means to you. We're always looking for top-tier, like-minded talent, so if you think you are the perfect fit for a role at WellSet, drop us a line.