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6 Podcasts to Challenge & Inspire You in 2022

I love a good “what a time to be alive” moment, and I have those moments most often on clear-skied afternoons when I’m...

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How Simplifying Your Beauty Routine Can Make it More Effective

One of the easiest ways to own fewer products is to need fewer products. I’ve leaned into the “beauty from the inside...

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The Mental Health Benefits of a Daily Gratitude Practice

I used to give the most gigantic eye rolls at the idea of “daily gratitude”, “gratitude journals”, or people who...

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How to Get Sh*t Done When You Don’t Feel Like It

If you find yourself in the midst of a productivity funk, you are far from alone. Worldwide pandemic and instability...

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How to Minimize Your Wardrobe and Free Your Soul in Four Steps

In the summer of 2016, some Danish friends of ours road tripped across the US and stopped at our home in Wisconsin....

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The Healing Benefits of Staying Hydrated

Fairy chugmother. Ounceluencer. Hydravangelist. These are all titles that I wear with pride because there is, quite...

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