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WellSet's 'Igniting Growth' April Challenge

Are you feeling pulled to change and transformation in your life? This month at WellSet we are focusing on a theme of...

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Leaning into Laughter: 7 Health Reasons to Laugh More

As a breathwork guide, I encourage people to let go and get weird, to express themselves non verbally, through shrieks,...

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REPLAY: Tapping to Decrease Negative Thoughts and Self-Doubt

In this session, you'll release heavy emotions, feelings of stress, self-doubt, anxiety, and overwhelm using EFT...

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The Deepest Well: Healing the Effects of Childhood Trauma & Adversity

One of the most important books I read last year was The Deepest Well: Healing the Long-Term Effects of Childhood...

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REPLAY: Honoring Our Shadows to Invite in Light with Elizabeth Winkler

In this mental-health workshop with Elizabeth Winkler, LMFT, you'll honor your shadow self to rebalance and make space...

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The Mental Health Benefits of a Daily Gratitude Practice

I used to give the most gigantic eye rolls at the idea of “daily gratitude”, “gratitude journals”, or people who...

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REPLAY: How to Find a Therapist Who is Right for You

This group class replay is brought to you by WellSet’s Re-Open Festival. Once you have made the decision that it is...

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REPLAY: Psychedelics 101 with Molly Maloof, MD

This group class replay is brought to you by WellSet’s Re-Open Festival. Enjoy responsibly an exciting and informative...

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5 Reasons to Try Somatic Therapy

Somatic (pronounced sow·ma·tuhk) therapy connects the dots between mind and body to uncover and heal deep trauma. This...

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