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Wrapping Up WellSet's Foundations of Holistic Health Challenge

Unlock the secrets to holistic well-being with these quick tips for enhancing your daily life across six essential...

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WellSet's Foundations of Holistic Health

Explore the Foundations of Holistic Health: Sleep, Movement, Nutrition, Emotional Regulation, Relationships, and Work...

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Why Breathwork Is Your New Workout: Top 10 Benefits of Breathwork

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, we often overlook a powerful practice that has the potential to transform our...

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Cultivating Gratitude: The Holistic Path to Improving Well-being

While the holiday season can bring joy and togetherness, it also surfaces stress and complex emotions surrounding...

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Ayurveda 101 | The Key to Health and Wellness

Ayurveda is a holistic approach to healing that originated in India as long as 3,000 years ago and it still plays an...

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Journaling 101

Guided journaling is a facilitated approach to journaling, which helps you to focus on a specific topic or theme...

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Sound Healing 101

Practiced in many cultures around the world, Sound Healing helps activate the body's natural healing systems for deep...

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Self-Hypnosis 101

You may be more familiar with hypnotic states than you might think. When we are deeply immersed in watching a movie,...

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Acupressure 101

Acupressure is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practice that moves energy throughout the body by applying...

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Breathwork 101

Breathwork is a type of active meditation during which you intentionally change your breathing patterns to facilitate...

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EFT/Tapping 101

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or ‘tapping,’ combines cognitive therapy, exposure therapy, and self-acupressure to...

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What the F is Fascia?

One of the keys to having an efficient metabolism, improving posture, and reducing pain is a body that is in correct...

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5 Reasons to Try Myofascial Release

Chronic muscle pain, meet myofascial release. Pronounced my-o-FASH-e-ul, this manual technique was developed in the...

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