5 Reasons to Try Myofascial Release

By WellSet | May 18, 2022

Chronic muscle pain, meet myofascial release. Pronounced my-o-FASH-e-ul, this manual technique was developed in the 1960s by physical therapist John Barnes to alleviate tension in the myofascial tissue that connects and supports our muscles. Whether due to wear and tear, repetitive motion, injury, or inflammation, when fascia become restricted—what we often think of as knots—myofascial massage can help release them using gentle and sustained pressure. Here are just five of the reasons to consider adding myofascial release to your healing routine:

1. Embodiment is empowerment.
“What impresses me the most about myofascial release,” says practitioner and WellSet Instructor Elissa Strutton, “is the impact of getting to know our own anatomical features, postural habits and movement patterns so that you can effectively address your body’s needs as they arise.”

2. Stop tension in its tracks.
Myofascial release can be used to treat recurring tension in those parts of the body that you frequently hold in fixed positions such as neck, shoulders, back and even your head. As stiffness arises, you’ll be equipped to identify and unravel it before any pain or spasms set in.

3. Lower back pain sufferers, rejoice.
According to recent research—as well as members of the WellSet team who have experienced myofascial release first-hand—this technique can significantly improve pain and physical function in the lower back.

4. The benefits go beyond the physical.
Beyond the tone of our tissues, Strutton has also seen and experienced the powerful way myofascial release can help people self-soothe, relieve anxiety and support nervous system regulation.”These techniques make it easy and accessible to give ourselves a little (or a lot) of self-care anytime, anywhere,” she says.

5. You can do it almost anywhere.
While traditionally performed by a trained therapist, myofascial release can also be effective when by applying the techniques at home. Armed with a couple of yoga therapy balls (or tennis balls in a pinch) and a guided virtual group session with one of our certified instructors, you can learn how to “roll out” your own fascia while administering and adjusting the pressure in a way that feels good.

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