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Why Cultivating Self-Compassion is Essential, Not Selfish

Compassion is the simple quality of acknowledging that someone is in pain or struggling. It’s what empowers us to bring...

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REPLAY: A Guided Meditation Practice for Better Sleep

Sleep. We all know it’s important for our overall health and yet so many of us have a hard time prioritizing it. For...

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8 Ways to Practice More Mindfulness

It's one of those buzzy wellness words we casually toss around, but what exactly is mindfulness and why is it so...

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5 Non-Performative Acts of Self-Care

Flat-tummy teas and mani-pedi makeovers might garner likes in the highlight reel, but they can't cut it when it comes...

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REPLAY: Accountability 101 Workshop

Learn a science backed approach to accountability that will empower you to set, achieve and sustain your 2022 goals...

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How to Rewrite the Stories We Tell Ourselves

My phone rang promptly at 11 a.m. On the other end was a woman who, like many of the people I work with, was struggling...

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8 Un-Resolutions I'm Doing for Myself in the New Year

Hi, my name is Nicolle Mackinnon and I have four chronic illnesses. Yep, four. They’re the reason I’ve found myself...

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Restorative Yoga Nidra Practice with Nimisha Gandhi

Settle into a cozy nest and allow Nimisha's yoga nidra session to carry you into a state of grounded relaxation and...

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REPLAY: Lunar Meditation to Navigate Transition with Imani Quinn

This group class replay is brought to you by WellSet’s Re-Open Festival. Moving through transition can create...

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REPLAY: Alleviate Burnout by Tapping into Your Intuition with Dr. Andree LeRoy

This group class replay is brought to you by WellSet’s Re-Open Festival. In this interactive workshop you will learn to...

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What is Wellness with Tracee Stanley, Yoga Nidra Teacher & Author

A former film executive, yoga nidra teacher and best-selling author Tracee Stanley is now fully devoted to creating...

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