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Opening Up to Prayer and Its Healing Benefits

Oh, the “p” word. Many of us—particularly in the West—have been conditioned to avoid discussing prayer in mixed...

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Your Path to Positivity: How to Get Started with Daily Affirmations

Are you looking to create some healthy, grounding practices so that you can start each day with positivity, intention...

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8 Un-Resolutions I'm Doing for Myself in the New Year

Hi, my name is Nicolle Mackinnon and I have four chronic illnesses. Yep, four. They’re the reason I’ve found myself...

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REPLAY: Evening Beauty Rituals with Holistic Esthetician Jessa Blades

This group class replay is brought to you by WellSet’s Re-Open Festival. Sculpt your nourishing bedtime beauty routine!...

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13 Ingredients for Creating Everyday Magic

Magic is your birthright. I believe that we’re all born with the power to imagine a life we love, then take the steps...

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Smudging 101: Burning the Sage for an Energetic Reset

Lately we can’t walk into a boutique or scroll Instagram without spying a smudge stick. Rarely, however, does anyone...

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