REPLAY: Accountability 101 Workshop

By WellSet | January 12, 2022

Learn a science backed approach to accountability that will empower you to set, achieve and sustain your 2022 goals (health or otherwise) without falling into the trap of new-year’s resolutions.

People often think that to stay accountable and achieve your goals you just need willpower but the truth is that: a) willpower is limited and b) even if it wasn’t, using only willpower to achieve your goals creates an internal battle that wastes energy and disconnects you from yourself. The truth is that accountability requires preparation and self-reflection - two things that we often skip when it comes to goals. This workshop will help you understand how growth actually works, why new year’s resolutions are so rarely effective and how to better stay accountable to yourself and your goals in the new year. Together you will explore how goal setting, intentional routines and holistic support can help you better set, achieve and sustain your goals. Be sure to bring a pen and paper so that you can walk away with a sustainable and aligned plan of action for moving forward.

Masha Kamenetskaya is a holistic health and breathwork coach focused on helping high-achievers and entrepreneurs learn to regulate their nervous systems, build sustainable health and reconnect with themselves so they can uplevel their lives and careers (and break out of the endless cycle of stress + burnout). 

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