WellSet's Pure Joy Playlist

By Rosa Meyer | May 12, 2022

As a collective, we’re emerging from our cocoons and stepping back out into the world. In that spirit, we put together WellSet's Pure Joy Playlist for those moments when you can't sit still any longer, a soundtrack for when your body needs to move and remember more joyful times.

It's a nostalgic playlist, with songs mostly from the 60s-90s, compiled to take you back to dancing in your childhood kitchen while your parents were away or mixing a CD for driving around with your friends in the summer.

From Donna Summer to Stevie Wonder, the artists featured were all powerful voices of their time who moved us then and now. Their songs and light-hearted lyrics invite us to live our purpose, shake off negativity and embrace life with gratitude. Musical fun fact: Many of the songs include major chords that are designed to uplift you. 

Whatever emotional state you’re in, this playlist will return you to your body and the present moment, which is really all we have. So break out Abba's Dancing Queen like nobody's watching! 


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About the Author:

Rosa Meyer

Rosa Meyer is the Digital Studio Director at WellSet where you can find her curating our wellness programming and empowering our practitioners. In her free time, Rosa is a singer, certified sound healer, amateur pickle-maker and lover of music in all of its glorious forms. She lives in LA.

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