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Lauren Roxburgh's Top 10 Metabolism Boosters

It goes without saying that the metabolism is an essential function of your body. After all, it is how we process food...

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Your Path to Positivity: How to Get Started with Daily Affirmations

Are you looking to create some healthy, grounding practices so that you can start each day with positivity, intention...

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What the F is Fascia?

One of the keys to having an efficient metabolism, improving posture, and reducing pain is a body that is in correct...

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Why Your Pelvic Floor Needs More Than Kegels to Keep it Healthy

Having a tight pelvic floor sounds like a good thing, right? This is an area where many women have real...

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7 Healthy Ways to Wake Up Less Bloated

It sure isn’t easy to stick to your healthy eating habits during the holiday season and let’s face it: After a year...

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