December 2021 Astrowellness

By Stephanie Gailing | December 1, 2021 10:32:52 AM PST

As December begins, we may feel like we’re in a powerful liminal state. There’s a sense of being betwixt and between, unsure of where we are or where we will be. You may find yourself standing at a threshold of sorts, which can at once be both inspiring and confusing. After all, many of us are more comforted by clarity than the unknown. Yet this threshold space is one that’s so important when we’re in the midst of great transitions. Here's what’s happening astrologically that may inspire this liminality: 

December 1 dreamy Neptune stations direct. The days before and after a planet appears to shift direction (coming into or out of its retrograde phase), the realms with which it is associated appear quite strong in the collective. Given it’s Neptune, you can expect themes such as compassion, lack of resistance, blurred boundaries, the intermingling of worlds, imaginative inspirations, and synchronicities and other awareness that remind us that everything is connected.

Additionally, we’re in the midst of eclipses with a Sagittarius solar eclipse arriving December 4. While this eclipse may spark a sense of new beginnings, and we may connect to a sense of a sea change, the shores to which we’re headed are not yet clear (they will be more so in the coming weeks!). With both the sun and moon in Sagittarius, you may want to explore distant lands, whether through traveling there or engaging in discussions that can help you tap into greater awareness of large-scale concepts that afford a broader perspective on life. As such, a Sagittarius solar eclipse may also invite you to take on a more philosophical or spiritual orientation.
When Venus is retrograde, it's important not to push when it comes to money, relationships, beauty or pleasure.
–Stephanie Gailing

As the month progresses, we’ve got many more astrological happenings! On December 19, Venus will enter her retrograde phase, where she will remain through January 29. Lasting six weeks, it’s a time to re-evaluate what you value. It's important to not push forward in Venus realms—whether it comes to money, relationships, or beauty and pleasure. Rather, look at them from a different angle, gathering insights you may not have previously.

Owing to her retrograde, Venus will make a union with transformation-inspiring Pluto three times: twice in December (12/11 and 12/25) and once again in March (3/3). With this we’re invited to really dig deep into the heart of the matter when it comes to claiming our value in relationships, money matters, or how we stand in our role as an artist. Venus/Pluto unions invite us to let go of excess and of anything that’s reached its expiration date that is no longer serving the core of who you are.

But wait, there’s more! On December 24, we have the final Saturn/Uranus Square that’s colored the kairos all year (the other two exact alignments were 2/17 and 6/14). Expect the unexpected and see how you can further galvanize lasting change by paying attention to the fortitude of something’s structure.

Finally, on December 29, Jupiter finally bids adieu to the sign of Aquarius and swims into Pisces. We’re about to enter an ocean of emotion, a year in which our attention turns even more attentively to subjects such as the sea, compassion, the arts, boundaries, glamour, spirituality, and the psychedelic renaissance.

Wishing you a magical December!
Astro Highlights & Key Dates
December 1: Neptune stations direct
December 4: Sagittarius total solar eclipse
December 18:  Full Moon in Gemini
December 19: Venus retrograde
December 24: Saturn squares Uranus
December 29: Jupiter enters Pisces

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Stephanie Gailing

Stephanie Gailing is a wellness consultant and modern mystic with more than 20 years of experience. The author of Planetary Apothecary and The Complete Book of Dreams, she is a Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon, Gemini Rising.

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