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Opening Up to Prayer and Its Healing Benefits

Oh, the “p” word. Many of us—particularly in the West—have been conditioned to avoid discussing prayer in mixed...

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April 2022 Astrowellness

April showers us with the capacity for compassion, empathy, and imagination. That’s because this month features the...

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March 2022 Astrowellness

Well, we don’t need to look at the astrological landscape to know that we’re living through intense times! Not only do...

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February 2022 Astrowellness

Remember last month when I said #FebruaryIsTheNewJanuary? Well, here we are! It’s a time when clarity may emerge, when...

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January 2022 Astrowellness

Happy 2022! Usually in January we set our resolutions, clearly define our goals, and charge headfirst into action. Yet...

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December 2021 Astrowellness

As December begins, we may feel like we’re in a powerful liminal state. There’s a sense of being betwixt and between,...

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REPLAY: Radical Self-Acceptance Practice with Desi Valentine

This group class replay is brought to you by WellSet’s Re-Open Festival. Experience guided breathwork & energy work in...

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November 2021 Astrowellness

On November 4, we have a Scorpio New Moon, yet it’s not just your garden-variety one! That’s because shake-it-up Uranus...

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13 Ingredients for Creating Everyday Magic

Magic is your birthright. I believe that we’re all born with the power to imagine a life we love, then take the steps...

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October 2021 Astrowellness

October feels like a month for the history books. Ok, that’s a bit dramatic but as there’s so much going on,...

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