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Dandelion - How and Why to Enjoy Now

A plant related to the daisy family, taraxacum officinale, commonly known as dandelion, is a medicinal plant whose...

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Somatic Techniques for Self-Soothing

The word "somatics," from the Greek word σῶμα, or “body,” is a field of study defined in 1976 by philosopher and...

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5 Stress-Relieving Elixirs for Dry January & Beyond

For many people, January provides an opportunity to slow down and repattern. Some feel a need to recover from holiday...

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Opening Up to Prayer and Its Healing Benefits

Oh, the “p” word. Many of us—particularly in the West—have been conditioned to avoid discussing prayer in mixed...

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5 Holistic Experts Share Their Sleep Rituals

The other morning a friend told me, “I want to change my relationship to sleep,” explaining that “I have just never...

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13 Small But Mighty Ways to Stress Less Now

Sleepless nights. Chest tightening. Heart pounding. Mind racing. These are just a few of the symptoms of stress that go...

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Leaning into Laughter: 7 Health Reasons to Laugh More

As a breathwork guide, I encourage people to let go and get weird, to express themselves non verbally, through shrieks,...

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What is Wellness with Lymphomaniac Lisa Gainsley

Having spent most of my adult life in France, I became familiar with practices like lymphatic drainage and self-massage...

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What is Wellness with Tracee Stanley, Yoga Nidra Teacher & Author

A former film executive, yoga nidra teacher and best-selling author Tracee Stanley is now fully devoted to creating...

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