REPLAY: Somatic Stretch & Flow with Myofascial Expert Lauren Roxburgh

By Wellset | November 11, 2021

This group class replay is brought to you by WellSet’s Re-Open Festival.

This somatic stretch and flow class will help you tune into inner body wisdom and intuition by using movement and breath to flow. Through non-linear intuitive movement, the somatic dance will help clear the ‘cobwebs’ of your body, using it as a beautiful way to address emotional energy stuck in the system. By decluttering our physical bodies, clearing negative energy and moving the blockages that may be holding us back you will begin to feel more connected. This will in turn empower and liberate you, teaching you to move your body in a way that is freeing and feeling of your natural spirit. 

You will sweat, dance, flow, stretch and open up the whole body and close with a sealing of the session. Wear non constrictive clothing and have a mat handy to connect to your authenticity, purpose and passion!

Lauren Roxburgh is an internationally renowned author, wellness educator, leader and inspirational speaker - dubbed “The Body Whisperer.” and a regular contributor to Goop, Women’s Health Mag and MindBodyGreen. Lo is regularly featured on some of the top global podcasts like Broken Brain, Ben Greenfield, Be Well By Kelly, The Genius Life and so many more. Roxburgh is the go-to writer and expert on all things holistic body care, fascia, alignment, emotional health and movement medicine. Lo regularly works with Hollywood’s A-List along with some of the greatest athletes and surgeons on the planet. Named the “Body Alignment Pro” by Vogue, Lauren has also been listed as one of the 8 Tech Pioneers to watch by Entrepreneur magazine. Lauren is also the founder and CCO of the popular ‘Aligned Tribe Collective” community, founder of the virtual Aligned Life Studio wellness platform and the creator of The Body Collection.



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