REPLAY: How to Eat Spiritually and Gain Food Freedom with Delilah Bisase & Sakara

By Elizabeth Kendig | December 2, 2021 3:11:01 PM PST

Brought to you by WellSet’s Re-Open Festival. This class is sponsored by Sakara Life.

Food is so much more than cooking, eating, and learning nutrition facts. The way that we use food to take care of ourselves is very revealing of what is going on inside of us on a deeper, spiritual level. For that reason, having a healthy relationship with food (aka food freedom) is a stepping stone towards total body wellness of the mind, body, and spirit. In this class we will focus on the second main energy center in our body which is known as the sacral chakra. We will dive into how our eating habits and food choices affect this energy center, and vice versa. Be sure to have a journal handy to respond to the self reflection questions.

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Delilah Bisase is a plant-based registered dietitian, master reiki healer, and group fitness instructor She believes that physical health and spiritual health are inseparable and that when it comes to physical health, plant-based (or at the very least eating mostly plant-based) is the way to go. The science overwhelmingly supports it and her personal health experiences validate it.


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Elizabeth Kendig

Elizabeth Kendig is the Head of Content at WellSet. An award-winning beauty and wellness writer, amateur Tarot card reader, and hippie disguised in J.Crew, she lives in the Bay Area to a steady soundtrack of Fleetwood Mac.

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