Why is Everyone Suddenly Wearing Blue Light Glasses?

In an embarrassing yet entirely on-brand decision (Hello my name is Allie and I'm a wellness writer), I started wearing...

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5 Things That Aren't Your Job

Can we all agree that 2021 is the year we let go of the shit that just isn’t ours to carry? In my work as a self-worth...

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The Surprising Benefits of Gua Sha

For three years, every time I opened my mouth—to talk, to chew, to yawn—my jaw slightly slipped out of place. It was...

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How to Harness Your Breath for Healing

Take a deep breath and count to 10. Breathe into a paper bag. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth....

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October 2021 Astrowellness

October feels like a month for the history books. Ok, that’s a bit dramatic but as there’s so much going on,...

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The Healing Benefits of Staying Hydrated

Fairy chugmother. Ounceluencer. Hydravangelist. These are all titles that I wear with pride because there is, quite...

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Smudging 101: Burning the Sage for an Energetic Reset

Lately we can’t walk into a boutique or scroll Instagram without spying a smudge stick. Rarely, however, does anyone...

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5 Reasons to Try Somatic Therapy

Somatic (pronounced sow·ma·tuhk) therapy connects the dots between mind and body to uncover and heal deep trauma. This...

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5 Reasons to Try Sound Medicine

We've been singing the praises of sound healing since our first group bath, swaddled like babies by the soothing...

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