Do You Have Lingering COVID Symptoms? Try Eating These Foods

Did you know that many people who were diagnosed with COVID still experience health problems  months after recovering...

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How Simplifying Your Beauty Routine Can Make it More Effective

One of the easiest ways to own fewer products is to need fewer products. I’ve leaned into the “beauty from the inside...

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REPLAY: Honoring Our Shadows to Invite in Light with Elizabeth Winkler

In this mental-health workshop with Elizabeth Winkler, LMFT, you'll honor your shadow self to rebalance and make space...

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8 Un-Resolutions I'm Doing for Myself in the New Year

Hi, my name is Nicolle Mackinnon and I have four chronic illnesses. Yep, four. They’re the reason I’ve found myself...

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January 2022 Astrowellness

Happy 2022! Usually in January we set our resolutions, clearly define our goals, and charge headfirst into action. Yet...

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Restorative Yoga Nidra Practice with Nimisha Gandhi

Settle into a cozy nest and allow Nimisha's yoga nidra session to carry you into a state of grounded relaxation and...

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A Light Activation Sound Bath with Shanila Sattar

Travel deep into the ether with beautiful alchemy bowls that awaken your natural healing systems and bring you rest....

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2021 Gift Guide: Wellness Books We Love

In the spirit of stress-free, mindful giving, we scoured our personal shelves to bring you a curated list of titles...

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What is Wellness with Phoebe Lapine of SIBO Made Simple

If you ask author, podcaster, gluten-free chef and speaker Phoebe Lapine how she got into wellness, her answer is that...

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Healing Grief with Jasmin Jenkins

We begin the process of healing our grief when we open to embracing it as an invitation. During this session, Jasmin...

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Vata Dosha Balancing Tea Recipe

Anjali Deva specializes in understanding anxiety, depression, PTSD, digestive disorders and women’s health through the...

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Confused About CBD Skincare? Here’s What You Need to Know

CBD is the wellness world’s Megan and Harry—popping up everywhere you look, chic and intriguing, but you know there’s...

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