Leaning into Laughter: 7 Health Reasons to Laugh More

As a breathwork guide, I encourage people to let go and get weird, to express themselves non verbally, through shrieks,...

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REPLAY: Resiliency, Health & Climate Change with Julia Jackson

Recently appointed by Governor Newsom to the California State Department of Food and Agriculture Board, Julia Jackson...

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Vegan Curious: Inspiration for a More Plant-Based Life

While I’m not vegan or even vegetarian, I've dabbled for periods of time when I’ve ditched animal protein and felt...

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REPLAY: Hormonal Imbalances & the Impact of Household Products

Did you know that what you are eating and putting onto your skin and hair can be causing or contributing to your...

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5 Ways to Detox Your Life From Common Toxins

Are you experiencing bloating, weight loss resistance, or anxiety? Are your muscles achy or brain foggy? These signs...

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A Soothing Mint Tea Recipe for Spring

Spring has sprung all around us, including at farmer's markets and in our own backyards. Take advantage of the fresh...

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April 2022 Astrowellness

April showers us with the capacity for compassion, empathy, and imagination. That’s because this month features the...

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REPLAY: Tapping to Decrease Negative Thoughts and Self-Doubt

In this session, you'll release heavy emotions, feelings of stress, self-doubt, anxiety, and overwhelm using EFT...

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Why Cultivating Self-Compassion is Essential, Not Selfish

Compassion is the simple quality of acknowledging that someone is in pain or struggling. It’s what empowers us to bring...

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REPLAY: Gut Health & Gut Instincts with Delilah Bisase, RD

So much wisdom resides in our gut, physically in the form of our gut bacteria as well as spiritually in the form of our...

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The Answer to Diet Culture Lies Within You

Detrimental diet culture and subsequent dieting rules have run rampant in societies for generations. Now, people are...

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REPLAY: A Guided Meditation Practice for Better Sleep

Sleep. We all know it’s important for our overall health and yet so many of us have a hard time prioritizing it. For...

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